A Space in Gainesville, Florida is here! Glad to have shared the night with so many other great bands including Breeze Haven and Bitchmouth from Richmond, VA.

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Getting rowdy at Ants birthday party Xtravaganzaa in the Thread Pit Loading dock with Nothing In the Dark, Widow and Children.

The Georges Tape Release

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Good times, good people at The Georges tape release show at The Backyard at Boca Fiesta, Gainesville, FLORIDA. Thanks to everyone who came out.

Girls Rock Camp Benefit

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Big thanks to everyone who came out and supported the Gainesville Girls Rock Camp at the benefit show this weekend!

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The Midnight Bar, HolographicTeeth. Lizard People, Gainesville, Florida

Tonight. We Play. The Midnight Bar. In Gainesville, FLORIDA. Door at 8, we go on around 10. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Get electric.

Spending Time Together

Spending time together. Holographic Teeth. 2014

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